How to Install RStudio on Debian 12 Bookworm

First, update your package repos and install any updates:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Next, install at least r-base and perhaps r-base-dev from the Debian repository.

sudo apt install r-base r-base-dev

Now, we need to get the RStudio .deb file from the posit website. Navigate to the RStudio Desktop downloads page.

RStudio Downloads Page

Here, you can see they have a release for Ubuntu 20/Debian 11 and another one for Ubuntu 22. As of this writing, there doesn’t appear to be an official release for Debian 12. The Ubuntu 20/Debian 11 binary depends on libssl1.1, which is no longer included in Debian 12 bookworm; it was last released with Debian 11 bullseye. Luckily, the Ubuntu 22 binary depends on libssl-dev instead, which is released with Debian 12. So, we will download the Ubuntu 22 binary.

Now, cd into your Downloads/ folder or wherever you saved the file.

cd Downloads

Assuming this is a fresh Debian install, if we were to dpkg -i the .deb right now, it would likely tell us it lacks the dependencies libssl-dev and libclang-dev. So, let’s go ahead and install those first.

sudo apt install libssl-dev libclang-dev

Now, you can enter dpkg -i rstudio and then tab complete the rest of the file. Or, if you downloaded the exact same version that I did, you can enter this:

sudo dpkg -i rstudio-2023.06.2-561-amd64.deb

That should successfully install RStudio. Now, you can hit the Super key and type “RStudio” into the search bar and it should pop up.

Andrew H. Morris
Andrew H. Morris
Post-doctoral Scholar

Community Ecology.